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Notes when using Airshower - blowing air that you should know

In 2023, clean rooms have become an important element in many different manufacturing sectors. In particular, industries require precision and rigor in each production process.

Cleanroom has been widely applied in many fields such as medical, food, pharmaceutical, electronic, cosmetic, and one of the important equipment indispensable in clean room is Airshower, also known as Airshower. Blower chamber or air shower - an extremely important device for clean rooms. In this article, EMIN will help you better understand the Airshower device and start learning about it together.

General introduction about Airshower/air chamber?

Air Shower - Air shower is a device placed in front of the entrance of clean rooms to reduce the level of contamination on people before they reach the clean room. When the cleanroom staff entered the Air Shower, the air nozzles were filtered through the HEPA filter at high velocity to remove dirt particles. The air flow rate reaches about 20 ± 10% (m/s) to ensure complete removal of dust particles on clothes. Contaminated air is drawn into the slit at the bottom of the chamber, through filtration, and then returned to the chamber.

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Selecting the right blower chamber for your requirements 

When using Airshower in a clean room, it is very important to choose the right equipment for your requirements. There are different types of blower chambers with different features and capacities. Determine your needs, including the size of the cleanroom and the number of users, to choose the most suitable blower chamber. Here are some product lines of Air Blower Chambers that we would like to suggest to you:

Airtech AAS-801AR(S) Standard Dust Chamber (1200*1000*2100 mm)

VAF V-AS2-01CT Cleanroom Air Blowing Chamber (1200W)

Airtech SS-AS-02 Dust Chamber (1040X1000X2000 mm)

Airtech EAS-800AR(S) standard dust chamber (1150*1000*2160 mm) …

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Periodic maintenance and cleaning of the blower chamber - Guaranteed performance and safety

  1. When using an Air Shower, periodic maintenance and cleaning is an important factor to ensure optimal equipment performance and user safety. Below are detailed notes on routine maintenance and cleaning of the blower chamber:

  2. Implement a regular maintenance schedule: Establish a routine maintenance schedule for the air chamber and adhere to it strictly. This includes inspecting, cleaning, and servicing critical air chamber components such as the fan system, air filter, control system, and other mechanical components. Routine maintenance schedules help detect technical problems early and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

  3. Clean the filters regularly: The filter in the blower chamber plays an important role in removing dust particles and pollutants from the air stream. Perform cleaning and filter replacement according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure efficient operation of the blower chamber. Periodic cleaning helps maintain clean air quality and prevents the accumulation of contaminants on the filter surface.

  4. Safety system check: The blower chamber has safety systems such as pressure sensor, overload protection system, and control system. Periodically test these safety components and systems to ensure proper and reliable operation. Carry out tests and check the operation of the blower chamber to ensure the safety of the users and prevent unexpected problems.

  5. User training and education: Ensure staff are trained in the safe and effective use of the blower chamber. Provides detailed instructions on how to operate the equipment, routine maintenance procedures, and safety measures to be followed. Training will help employees understand potential hazards and know how to react when incidents occur.

  6. Performance monitoring and testing: Perform performance monitoring and testing of blower chambers to ensure proper operation as required. Measure and record important parameters such as air flow rate, pressure, and filtration efficiency. This helps to detect any problems or performance loss early and take timely remedial measures.

  7. Regulatory and standard compliance: Ensure compliance with hygiene, safety and environmental regulations and standards regarding the use of air chambers. This includes following regulatory and manufacturer guidelines for safety and efficiency during operation.


In this article, we learned about the importance of routine maintenance and cleaning of the Air Shower in a clean room. By following maintenance, cleaning and performance testing procedures, we can ensure that the blower chamber operates stably and efficiently, while minimizing the risk of contamination during room access. clean. If you have any questions, please inbox directly via EMIN website or fanpage for the earliest advice!

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