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From 2023, to apply admission ticket collection when entering Hoi An ancient town: A new change in travel experience

Từ năm 2023, việc áp dụng hệ thống thu vé tham quan khi vào phố cổ Hội An sẽ là một thay đổi mới trong trải nghiệm du lịch tại điểm đến nổi tiếng của Việt Nam này.


From 2023, the application of the admission ticket collection system when entering Hoi An ancient town will be a new change in the travel experience in this famous Vietnamese destination. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience a more professional way when visiting Hoi An ancient town, with ticket collection and management of tourism activities being pushed to a new level. This change promises to bring many benefits to Hoi An tourism, such as ensuring the sustainability of cultural heritage, improving the quality of visitor experience, and contributing to local economic development. This is a remarkable step in the development and management of tourism in Hoi An, and is expected to be well received and supported by both visitors and the community.

Discover Hoi An Ancient Town - Vietnam's Unique Cultural Heritage

Hoi An Ancient Town is a unique tourist destination with ancient architectural space, beautiful small streets, and bold traditional atmosphere. Visitors here have the opportunity to visit, explore and enjoy traditional activities such as trying on traditional costumes, burning lanterns, enjoying local cuisine or shopping for typical handicraft products. The application of admission ticket collection when entering Hoi An ancient town will help manage tourism activities more professionally, ensure the sustainability of cultural heritage and improve the quality of visitor experience.

Ảnh minh hoa

Benefits of applying ticket collection to visit Hoi An ancient town

Applying the ticket collection system in Hoi An ancient town will bring many benefits to local tourism. First of all, the collection of ticket fees will create resources to invest in tourism activities, conservation and development of cultural heritage. This will help maintain and improve the quality of tourism activities, while ensuring the sustainability of resources and the environment in the region.

In addition, the application of ticket collection also helps to manage the number of tourists visiting Hoi An ancient town. Limiting the number of visitors entering the old town will help avoid overcrowding, ensure an open and safe space for visitors and contribute to maintaining the uniqueness of the space of Hoi An ancient town.

How to implement the ticket collection system and challenges

Implementing a ticket collection system in Hoi An ancient town requires consensus and cooperation among relevant entities, including local authorities, tourism management agencies, tourism businesses and local communities. direction. It is necessary to build a management system that is convenient, simple, transparent and meets the needs of visitors.

However, the adoption of fare collection also faces a number of challenges. One of them is to ensure fairness and transparency in the collection of ticket fees, avoiding overpriced, abusive or unfair treatment of visitors. There should be a strict monitoring and inspection system to ensure transparency and compliance with regulations in collecting entrance fees.

In addition, it is also necessary to ensure convenience for tourists in the process of buying tickets, to avoid complicating procedures and reducing their travel experience. Information technology can be applied to support the online ticket purchase process, while ensuring the safety and confidentiality of customer information.


From 2023, the application of admission ticket collection when entering Hoi An ancient town will bring new changes in the tourist experience here. The collection of entrance fees will help manage the number of visitors, ensure the sustainability of resources and the environment, and promote the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage value of Hoi An ancient town.

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