EXTECH TKG150 数字超声波测厚仪/数据记录仪

Thickness Range (in Steel):

5MHz probe 0.040 to 20" (1.0 to 508mm);

10MHz probe: 0.020 to 20” (0.50 to 508mm) Option

Languages:English, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, German, Portuguese, Slovak, Finnish, and Hungarian

Hold Mode Holds display to retain last thickness reading with reverse video display

Freeze Mode Freezes display (ideal for high temperature readings)

Fast Min/Max Mode Displays min or max and actual thickness value at 20 measurements/sec

Units Inches/Millimeters/Microseconds

Alarms Min/Max depth, beeps and display flashes as well as keypad illumination;  vibrate

Illuminating Keypad F1 = Red, F2 = Yellow, F3 = Green for easy, go/no-go testing

Gain - Variable adjustment: Low, Standard, High

B-Scan - Displays a cross section of the test piece: Non-Encoded

Echo to Echo: Measure the metal thickness only (Paint & coatings do not affect base material thickness value)

Differential Mode: Displays the difference from the actual thickness measurement and a user entered reference value

Velocity Mode: Displays acoustic sound speed

Datalogger: Records 100K readings in linear, 2D, 3D grid or boiler alphanumeric files, 20 character file name, export to excel via Extech XPorter interface program, also compatible with Ultrapipe

Battery Life: up to 50h

All models include 2oz bottle of couplant, 2 AA batteries, Transducer (5MHz, 0.375" diameter ) with potted cable, and hard case. TKG150 and TKG250 also include protective holster, Echo to Echo, B-Scan, USB cable, and Extech XPorter software





  • Wide measurement range:
    • 5MHz probe: 0.040" to 20" of steel
    • 10MHz probe: 0.020” to 20" of steel (optional)
  • Sunlight readable dot-matrix display with backlight
  • 100K internal datalogger with export to Excel
  • Echo to Echo option to reduce coating errors
  • B-scan (visual cross section of test piece)
  • Vibrates on alarm
  • Multiple transducer options for high temperature and difficult to measure materials
  • Fast minimum feature to capture minimum thicknesses
  • Complete with protective holster, 2oz bottle of couplant, 2 AA batteries, 5MHz Transducer, hard carrying case, USB cable and XPorter software


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