EXTECH SDL900 交流直流磁力计数据采集器 (15,000G,3000mT, Logger, 50Hz/60Hz)

• Memory stores 99 readings manually
• Datalogging feature records readings with date and time stamp on an SD card (included) in Excel® format
• N pole/S pole indicator
• Zero button for DC measurement
• Data Hold and Min/Max
• Auto power off with disable
• RS-232 interface with optional software
DC milli Tesla: 

- Range 300.00mT Max Resolution 0.01mT Basic Accuracy ±(5% + 10d) 

- Range 3000.0mT Max Resolution  0.1mT Basic Accuracy ±(5% + 10d)

DC Gauss:
- Range 3000.0G Max Resolution 0.1G Basic Accuracy ±(5% + 10d)
- Range 30,000G Max Resolution  1G Basic Accuracy ±(5% + 10d)
AC milli Tesla:
- Range 150.00mT Max Resolution 0.01mT Basic Accuracy ±(5% + 20d)
- Range 1500.0mT Max Resolution 0.1mT Basic Accuracy ±(5% + 20d)
AC Gauss:
- Range 1500.0G Max Resolution 0.1G Basic Accuracy ±(5% + 20d)
- Range 15,000G Max Resolution 1G Basic Accuracy ±(5% + 20d)
Number of Axis :Uniaxial 
AC Bandwidth 50Hz/60Hz
Sampling Rate 1 to 3600 seconds
Datalogging Datalog readings on SD card (included)
Dimensions/ Weight 7.1x2.9x1.9" (182x73x48mm)/ 10.7oz (303g)
Complete with uniaxial magnetic probe sensor with protective cover, SD memory card, 6 AA batteries, andhard carrying case

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