Extech MM560A 高清度万用表 (0.03%)

DC Voltage: 500mV, 5V, 50V,  500V, 1000V /Max 0.01mV  /±0.03%

AC Voltage:   500mV, 5V, 50V, 500V, 1000V /Max 0.01mV /±0.8%

DC Current: 500μA, 5000μA, 50mA, 500mA, 5A, 10A /Max 0.01μA /±0.1%

AC Current: 500μA, 5000μA, 50mA,500mA, 5A, 10A  /Max 0.01μA  /±1%

Resistance (Ω): 500, 5k, 50k, 500k, 5M, 50M  /Max 0.01Ω /±01%

Capacitance 50nF to 9999μF /Max 0.01nF /±0.8%

Line Frequency: 5Hz to 200kHz /Max 0.0001Hz  /±0.002%

Logic Frequency: 5Hz to 2MHz /Max 0.0001Hz  /±0.002%

Duty Cycle: 0.1% to 99.99% /Max 0.01% /±3d/kHz

Dimensions/ Wt:186 x 87x 35.5mm / 340g

Complete with test leads, protective holster with stand and 9V battery

Manufacturer: Extech USA


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