Extech PQ2071 True RMS AC 전력 클램프 미터 (1/3 위상,1000A)

True Power:

            Scale: 750kW

            Resolution: 10W

            Accuracy: ±3%

Apparent Power:

            Scale: 750kVA

            Resolution: 10kVA

            Accuracy: ±3%

Reactive Power:

            Scale: 750kVAr

            Resolution: 10kVAr

            Accuracy: ±4%

Active Power:

            Scale: 9999kWh

            Resolution: 0.001

            Accuracy: ±3%

Power Factor:

            Scale: 0.3 - 1

            Resolution: 0.001

            Accuracy: ±0.02

Phase Angle:

            Scale: -180 to 180°

            Resolution: 1°

            Accuracy: ±2°

AC Current ( Trms):

            Scale: 1000A

            Resolution: 100mA

            Accuracy: ±2%                          

AC Voltage ( Trms):

            Scale: 750V

            Resolution: 0.1V

            Accuracy: ±1.2%


            Scale: 50Hz - 200Hz

            Resolution: 1Hz

55mm clamp jaw opening; Large dual backlit LCD display (9999 count)

Manually store/recall up to 99 data sets

Data Hold, Max/Min, and Auto power off

USB interface for connection to a PC

Complete with test leads, four color-coded leads and alligator clips, USB cable, PC software, 9V battery, and soft case

Dimensions: 292 x 95 x 38mm

Weight: 522g

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