EXTECH MA63 True RMS AC 클램프 미터 + NCV (비접촉 전압 검출기 및 로 임피던스) (AC 60A)

AC current: 600mA, 6000mA, 60A (0.1mA)
DC current: 6000mA, 60A (1mA)
Accuracy: AC: ±2.0%, DC: ±2.0% 
Non-contact voltage: 100 to 600V AC
AC / DC voltage: AC: 6V, 60V, 600V (1 mV) / DC: 600mV, 6V, 60V, 600V (0.1mV)
Accuracy: AC: ± 0.8% DC: ± 0.7%
Resistors: 600, 6k, 60k, 600k, 6M, 60M (0.1Ω)
Capacitors: 6.2nF, 620μF, 62mF (1pF)
Frequency: 10Hz to 60kHz (0.001Hz)
Diode test / continuity: Yes
Size: 175x60x33.5mm
Weight: 170g
Accessories: Complete with test leads, carrying case, and two 
AAA batteries

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