EXTECH EX205T TrueRMS 디지털 멀티 미터

Model:  EX205T
Manufature:  Extech USA
Specifi cations ~Range ~Max Resolution
AC Voltage 600V; 0.1mV
DC Voltage 600V ;0.1mV
Basic Accuracy (VDC) ±0.5%
AC Current 10A ;0.1μA
DC Current 10A; 0.1μA
Resistance 20MΩ; 0.1Ω
IR Temperature (EX210T only) -5 to 446°F / -20 to 230°C ;0.1°
Continuity / Diode Yes
Dimensions 5.8x2.9x1.6" (147x76x42mm)
Weight 9.17oz (260g)
Warranty:  12 month



EX205T: TrueRMS Digital Multimeter

Autoranging Multimeter with 2000 Count Large LCD Display


  • True RMS for better accuracy when measuring distorted waveforms
  • 2000 count large backlit dual LCD with easy-to read digits
  • Low current capability with resolution to 0.1µA
  • Input fuse protection
  • Max Hold, Data Hold and Auto power off
  • Complete with test leads and 9V battery
For complete specs please download the product datasheet (not available for some accessories)


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