EXTECH DCP42 160W 스위칭 전원 공급 장치 (0-42V, 0-10A)

Output Voltage: 0-42V

Output Current: 0-10A

Maximum power: 160W

Accuracy: ±0.2%

Load Regulation:

            + CV: ≤0.15%

            + CC: ≤0.5%

Line Regulation: (90-264V AC)

+ CV: ≤0.02%

+ CC: ≤0.1%

Ripple and Noise: ≤5m Vrms, ≤50m Vp-p

Remote control for Programming, Output Voltage/Current, and ON/OFF using supplied software, driver, and USB

Complete with power cord, software, and USB cable

Dimensions: 200 x 95 x 245mm

Weight: 2.3 kg

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