Extech EX230 IR温度計付12機能小型デジタルマルチメーター

Display: Counts 4000

Basic Accuracy (VDC): ±0.5%

AC/DC Voltage: 0.1mV to 600V

AC/DC Current: 0.1μA to 10A

Resistance: 0.1Ω to 40MΩ

Capacitance  0.01nF to 100μF

Frequency 0.001Hz to 10MH

Temperature (IR):20 to 230°C

Temperature (Type K): -4 to 1400°F (-20 to 760°C)

Duty Cycle — 0.1% to 99.9%

Continuity / Diode: Yes

Dimensions: 5.8x2.9x1.6" (147x76x42mm)

Weight: 9.17oz (260g)

Complete with test leads, general purpose bead wire temperature probe and 9V battery

Manufacturer: Extech USA 


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