EXTECH 382068 1000A True RMS AC / DCクランプパワーデータロガーキット

True Power: 600KW /10W /±(2%rdg+5d)
Apparent Power: 1000KVA /10VA /±(2%rdg+5d)
Peak Current: 1000A /0.1A /±(6%rdg+10d)
Peak Voltage: 600V /0.1V /±(6%rdg+10d)
AC Current (40-500Hz): /1000A /0.1A /±(1.5%rdg+5d)
DC Current:1000A /0.1A /±(1.5%rdg+5d)
AC Voltage (40-500Hz): 600V /100mV /±(0.5%rdg+5d)
DC Voltage: 600V /100mV /±(0.5%rdg+5d)
Frequency: 500Hz /0.1Hz /±(0.5%rdg+5d)
Resistance: 10KΩ /1Ω /±(1%rdg+5d)
Continuity Beeper when: <50Ω
Dimensions/Weight 10.2 x 3.7 x 1.8" (260 x 93 x 45mm)/ 15.9oz (450g)

Complete with meter, aligator clips, test leads, datalogger/RS-232 module and PC Software with cable
Manufacturer: Extech - U.S.A

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