EXTECH CG204 Máy đo độ dày lớp phủ Extech CG204 (từ tính, không từ tính)

Sensor Probe



Working Principle

Magnetic Induction

Eddy Current

Measuring Range

0 to 1250μm

0 to 49mils

0 to 1250μm

0 to 49mils

Basic Accuracy




0.1μm (0.004mils)

0.1μm (0.004mils)

Minimum Curvature Radius

1.5mm (59.06mils)

3mm (118.1mils)

Minimum Diameter

7mm (275.6mils)

5mm (196.9mils)

Minimum Thickness

0.5mm (19.69mils)

0.3mm (11.81mils)


4.7 x 2.4 x 1.25" (120 x 62 x 32mm)


 6.17oz (175g)

Complete with two AAA batteries, USB cable, software,Calibration Iron, Calibration Aluminum, Precision Standards,and pouch case.


  • Automatic substrate recognition
  • Magnetic induction for ferrous substrates
  • Eddy current measurement for non-ferrous substrates
  • Easy-to use menu system
  • Two measuring modes: Single and Continuous
  • Two working modes: Direct and Group
  • Memory stores 400 readings: 80 Direct and 320 Group
  • User-programmable high/low alarms
  • Min/Max/Average, one or two point calibration
  • Complete with two AAA batteries, USB cable, software, Calibration Iron, Calibration Aluminum, Precision Standards, and pouch case



  • Quality Engagement
  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment